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Our research covers all aspects of Diabetes health including Miniature insulin delivery systems, non-invasive blood sugar meters & diabetes...

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Clinic & Lab

Digital lab and clinic, specialist diabetes doctors and rapid on-site lab testing.

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Medical Software

Our mobile application lets doctors and patients collaborate, share self-test and lab test results to help to improve the management of...

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Molecular Diagnostics
Genome Engineering
Physical Research
Cancer Therapies
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Animal Research

Bone and Cartilage Metabolism Markers for use in Research

  • RatLaps™ (CTX-I) EIA
  • CrossLaps® for Culture (CTX-I) ELISA
  • MouseTRAP™ (TRAcP 5B) ELISA
  • Rat/Mouse PINP EIA

Antibody Study

Bone Turnover Markers for use in Biological Research

  • Ostase® BAP EIA
  • N-MID® Osteocalcin ELISA
  • Serum Crosslaps® (CTX-I) ELISA
  • Urine Crosslaps® (CTX-I) EIA
  • IDS-iSYS PTH (1-34)

Bacteria Markers

Cartilage Metabolism Markers for use in Biological Research

  • Urine CartiLaps® (CTX-II) EIA
  • Comp® ELISA
  • RatLaps™ (CTX-I) EIA
  • Culture (CTX-I) ELISA
  • TRAP™ (TRAcP 5b) ELISA

Other Research Areas

Expertise, Knowledge and Support Beyond Routine Automated Testing

  • Bone Slices
  • Dentine Slices Pack of 50 RUO
  • Corticosterone EIA
  • Corticosterone HS (High Sensitivity) EIA
  • Dentine Discs
New Research: The bacteria behind food poisoning
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Dr Boris Klanger
Dr Boris Klanger
Clinical Director
Boris is responsible for the Clinic & Lab Division.
Matt Pearce
Matt Pearce
Software Development Manager
Matt is our lead software architect and Development Manager based in Auckland.
Spencer Stevens
Spencer Stevens
ASPAC Sales Director
Spencer is the ASPAC Sales Director and Software Division Programme Manager
Neill Garfield
Neill Garfield
Marketing Director
Neill is responsible for our Marketing Strategy
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A patented micro syringe for self-injecting insulin, supplied with a range of holders including a single and triple pen holder. Share this:Click to share on Twitter...

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Announcing Availability in 2019

Announcing Availability in 2019

The Minipen™ will be available to order in 2019. Please contact us for information on how to obtain the Minipen. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new...

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Digital Pre-Diabetes Test

Digital Pre-Diabetes Test

Insulution have developed a social media delivered pre-diabetes test to help people with early signs of diabetes understand if they should be lab tested for...

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