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Medical Devices

Introducing Minipen™

The Minipen™ addresses the real world needs of diabetics replacing large, cumbersome and mostly high cost Insulin & Glucagon injection devices.

The Minipen™ is the only solution on the market that lets you carry Insulin & Glucagon in one small device.

Our novell miniaturised therapeutic delivery solution “Minipen” will transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of Diabetics. Due to its low price it will be available to a far wider audience than the current range of large and expensive auto-injectors.

The Minipen™ offers diabetics an alternative to insulin pens, pumps and syringes by providing a small, low cost and convenient solution that provides a noticeable improvement in quality of life.

Most existing insulin delivery systems are large, cumbersome, indiscreet and expensive.  Early adopters of the Minipen have noticed a huge improvement in freedom and reduced impact upon their daily lives using the Minipen™.

Governments around the world will be interested in the Minipen as it reduces the cost of treating diabetes allowing the funds freed to be used to introduce new technology such as continuous blood glucose monitors.







The Minipen is a key component of our comprehensive Diabetes Management System (DMS).

How to Obtain the MiniPen™

From Q2 2019, the Minipen™ will be available direct from our website, via pharmacies, our diabetic home sales network and from suppliers of Insulin and other therapeutic pharmaceuticals.

Target Sales

We aim to capture up to 3 percent of the market in each country targeted for exports. Based upon market research and an extremely positive response to the product we believe that a 5% share of the addressable market will be achievable in many countries.

Market research has shown that more than 30% of people with diabetes would prefer the Minipen™ over existing products in the market.

We are in advanced discussions with a large Insulin manufacturer who is looking to supply the Minipen™ with their products.

Pre Order Minipen™

You can pre-order the Micropen at a massive 50% discount here.

Availability Date

Our factory in china is preparing the production line and we expect to start start deliveries in March 2019, please contact us if you require further information on availability in your location.


Further Details

Please download our Company & Product Overview

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