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Medical Software

Diabetes Management Systems (Insulution DMS)

By combining daily self-test results with lab provided test data we will provide the patient, their family and healthcare provider improved access to their test result data. Improvements to monitoring will reduce the likelihood of complications arising such as heart disease, eye, and circulation issues.

The clients test data will be merged and securely stored on private block-chain that will provide accurate, verifiable, trustworthy and secure access to the patient’s data.

The application will support clinical trial data collection and provide aggregated statistics to governments, NGO’s and private companies for researching diabetes.

Patient & Doctor Portal

Clinical Details

  • Automated Alerting on Hypo/Hyper events
  • Integrated Lab Test Analysis & Reporting
  • Monitor Blood Glucose self-test levels
  • Titration to improve dosing
  • Integrated Health Monitoring (Fitbit, Apple watch)
  • Monitor Exercise & Diet levels
  • Appointment Check-up Reminders
  • Provide recommendations on dosage adjustments (where permissible)
  • Communicate with Patients online
  • AI-assisted Data Capture BOTS
  • Sends Training Videos
  • AI BOTS help patients with poor control
  • Let Friends & Family track progress

Technical Details

  • Alpha Release undergoing Testing due Q4 2018
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Collaboration technology will help doctors interact with patient electronically to improve control thus reducing the risk of diabetes complications.
  • Data stored securely in Cloud & Blockchain

DMS – Mobile Application

Our mobile application will facilitate accurate blood sugar monitoring to help diabetics manage their Diabetes through improved access to test results. The application integrates with patient record systems and uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and video training to provide early detection, better management and where possible reversal of Diabetes.

  • In Development due Q4 2018
  • IOS & Android Supported
  • Data from glucose meters via Bluetooth, OCR Scan & data entry

DMS- Pre-diabetes Test

Our pre-diabetes testing platform was developed to run on multiple social media platforms in order to reach a wide audience.  Currently, in development, the system will be available for launch in Q4 2018.

  • Diabetes Tests, Education & Surveys
  • Website, Telegram, Facebook supported
  • Other social media platforms to follow
  • Mobile Phone access supported – IOS & Android