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In 1997 Patrick  was in a car accident, once he recovered from his injuries he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Patrick Martinsson has always been a very social and outgoing person that has always led a very active and open lifestyle. But after contracting Diabetes he sometimes found it uncomfortable doing many of the same things he used to do on a regular basis.  His problem was not with the Diabetes, his problem was with the devices that he had to choose from to control his diabetes. Not only were the devices uncomfortable to use but when using them in public it would open up questions that Patrick along with many of the other 500 million people affected with Diabetes really don’t want to answer .

During one visit to his Diabetic nurse at the hospital after trying various pens, syringes and other items Patrick came with one simple question. ISN’T There anything smaller?

Some of the worlds greatest ideas come from someones personal need!!!!

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