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Spencer is a collaborative leader and consultant who is not afraid to work outside his comfort zone.  His ability to listen and navigate multiple levels of ideas to produce tangible concepts, distinguishes his exceptional contribution on any project.   Highly regarded as a key resource, critical thinker and out-of-the-box problem solver by peers and management, he consistently demonstrates strong understanding of the relationship between technology and strategic business drivers.

An articulate communicator, he works well in a team or autonomously.  Spencer’s experience and skill has been acquired from 17+ years of progressive learning and contribution to increasingly complex business requirements.

A  life-long learner, Spencer has a Masters in Technology (MiT) and multiple certification and accreditations.His professional experience crosses many industries and business verticals and he is highly regarded for his commercial dexterity.

With many years healthcare experience Spencer brings invaluable insight and skills to the team.

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