Syringe Manufacturing Quotes


Medtech Concept have three open requirements in priority Order.

1. 350m 1ml Insulin Syringes FDA for USA – This is most urgent TODAY FOB Local PORT Price

2. 10m 1ml Vaccine syringes FDA for the USA – Details to be provided soon FOB Local PORT Price

3. Minipen2 0.15ml OEM contract manufacturing partner where we handle the certifications – 500 million per year or more for global sales in 20+ countries.


1. 350m 1ml 胰岛素注射器 Fda 为美国 – 这是今天最紧迫的

2. 10m 1ml 疫苗注射器 FDA 为美国

3. Minipen2 0.15ml OEM 合同制造合作伙伴,我们负责处理证书 – 每年 5 亿或更多,用于在 20 多个国家/地区的全球销售。

350m 1ml Insulin Syringes FDA for USA – This is most urgent TODAY

We have a customer in the USA who needs 350 million (yes that’s correct) 1ml Insulin FDA certified syringes over a 3 month period. I’m looking for a couple of high-quality manufacturers to work with me to supply this order.

The price will need to be very competitive, so please can you provide pricing by month….we know the price drops for larger orders that span several months, so we need to be realistic on the pricing. I believe if we price this right, we can win the business and they will act quickly to secure the factory capacity soon. We expect repeat orders over several years after this initial order.

Please can you provide a price for each month as follows:

  • April – Capacity = ??million ; Price 0 0.0xxx
  • May  – Capacity = ??million ; Price 0 0.0xxx
  • June – Capacity = ??million ; Price 0 0.0xxx

See link below for details of the requirement.

我们有一个客户在美国谁需要3.5亿(是的,这是正确的)1毫升胰岛素FDA认证注射器在3个月内。我正在寻找几个高质量的制造商与我合作,以提供这个订单。价格将需要非常有竞争力,所以请你能按月提供定价。。。。我们知道几个月内大订单的价格下降, 所以我们需要在定价上现实一点。我相信,如果我们定价正确,我们就能赢得业务,他们将很快采取行动,确保工厂的产能。请您提供每个月的价格如下:

4月 – 容量=??百万:价格 0 0.0 x

5月-容量=??百万:价格 0 0.0 x

6月 – 容量=??百万:价格 0 0.0 x