About Us

Welcome to MedTech Concept LLC

MedTech Concept LLC is a med-tech company based in Sweden & Delaware USA focused on diabetes healthcare. We are the team that founded Insulution AB and launched the product Daily Dose (Minipen 1).

Our mission is to improve the health of diabetics by developing innovative medical products using advanced miniaturised manufacturing and exploiting the latest advances in 3D printing and computer-aided design technology. At launch, we will be the only miniature delivery device on the market with multiple patents protecting our lead. 

Market research has confirmed great interest especially among travellers, the young, the active, and those struggling to manage their diabetes. In an independent clinical study, 80% of diabetics said they would recommend Minipen to other diabetics.

Our soon to be launched diabetes management system combines the latest in digital health software with a market-tested miniature therapeutic delivery device to provide real improvements in the control of diabetes.

Our business model is to create a grassroots loyal customer base that generates repeat business while targeting governments and health ministries looking to reduce the cost of diabetes care on a national scale.