Due Diligence

This is Part 1 of our Due Diligence information pack aimed at investors considering an investment in Medtech Concept AB.

The following documents can be opened and downloaded for your review. Please treat these as private and company confidential.

One Page Introduction
A one page overview
Executive Summary
Our Executive Summary focussed mostly on financials
Pitch Deck
Currently being updated by our Investment Advisor
Business Plan – Dec 20
We created a Business Case in Dec 2021 that is currently being updated to reflect our strategy to manufacture and sell third party syringes suitable for vaccination porogrammes. It largely reflects the content of the pitch deck with a little more supporting detail.
Business Plan – Jun 21
A new version to be published shortly. See the Pitch Deck for the latest strategy.
Investment Plan
A Proposed timeline for Investors
Patent Details
Details of the PCT Patent
Product Pricing (Retail & Distributor) https://www.insulution.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Pricing1.pdf
Syringe Pricing Catalog (Reseller)
This is our new catalogue offering 3rd party syringes to the market as a reseller. https://www.insulution.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Medtech-Concept-Product-Catolog-13.May_.2021-v5-2021.pdf
Qatar Distributor Dew Signed Contract
The first contract signed.
CRM Pipeline Deals & Leads
This Kanban style report from our CRM systems shows warm opportunities and customers.
Private Placement Contract
Due Soon this is a template contract
Hybrid Investment Contract
Due Soon this is a template contract
CE & Free Sales Certificate
CE MDD Certification & Free Sales certificate for the original Minipen1
Factory PricingFactory pricing.
Clinical StudyAn independent clinical trial carried out on Minipen 1. Researchers found 80% of diabetics who trialled the Minipen would recommend it to their friends. The high level of interest shown in the product from the trial combined with real-world usage of the Minipen 1 (that produced loyal customers reflected in the testimonials shown in the Pitch Deck) obviates the need to conduct another marketing & sales survey.
Technical StudyA report showing that the Minipen prevents Insulin degradation allowing it to be used without refrigeration in hot climates for up to 24 hours. A major unique selling point.
Customer TestimonialsA small extract of customer testamonials.
Funding Requirement & StagesAn overview of our funding needs at Seed & Round A stage. Due Shortly. See Pitch deck for now.

Due Diligence PART 2 contain Private & Confidential data is available upon request to Investors who sign our NDA Agreement