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Status: Active Offer

Release Date: Monday 01 March 2021


Medtech Concept are looking for two to three small investors to support sales in the middle east. We are looking for investments of €10-50k Euros which will allow us to close sales of over $10m in contract value.

On Friday 26th February, we received a verbal offer of finance from a large Spanish Investment fund company willing to invest up to $20m over 3 years. This deal has been arranged by a Swedish broker (Swedish Fund AB) who are firming up a contract to be delivered Monday 1st March which we expect to sign within seven days, with funds arriving towards the end of March.

We also received an offer from a Swedish finance company to provide a trade loan subject to bring on new investment, which has now been achieved.

We expect to have concluded these two deal by the end of March leaving a short window of opportunity for investors to obtain stock at the low level of valuation €6.5m. A €65,000 investment is equal to 1% of the company.

The first tranche of funding is expected to release €2m which will allow a rapid expansion of the company, commission the Chinese factory production line with Darco Incorporated (Florida, US) and enable us to hire contractors to apply for FDA & CE certification. It will also increase the value of the stock considerably and make our sales targets highly achievable.

Further details describing this investment opportunity can be found here

The Deal

In order to increase cashflow in the period leading up to the Spanish & Swedish funding, we are now offering a 2 for 1 deal to small investors who commit funds by the 5th March 2021. A split payments arrangement is available as an incentive.

This offer is limited to the first 50k of investment funds. All funds will be used towards supporting sales in the Middle East, increasing the value of the company as each contract is secured. We have $33m in sales pipeline contract value of which the first $10m is ready to close with minimal effort.

Example 1: Two investors decide to invest €25,000 each. They both receive shares valued at €50,000.

Example 2. A single investor wants to commit €50,000 to obtain the free €50,000 in shares totalling €100k in value. The investor commits 50% up front with the remainder in 4 weeks. The investor pays €25,000 now and is given a share certificate for €100,000.