Funding Consultants

Earn €5,000 to €70,000 for a 4-week assignment working from home.


Urgent requirement due to COVID Opportunity.

Medtech Concept is a Swedish & US based medical product company founded in 2019 with a vision to become the leading supplier of miniature injection devices globally.

The company is set to launch its first product Minipen 2 which will become the smallest injection device available in the world.

The Minipen 2 is three times smaller than existing injection pens, with a narrow-gauge short needle to reduce pain, suitable for vaccinations, cosmetic procedures and 300+ million insulin injecting diabetics.  

We aim to capture 1% of the global market for miniature injection devices estimated to be worth over $0.75 billion USD per annum.  

Due to an unprecedented demand for injection devices, we have accelerated our product launch plans and now have 15 distributors lined up to purchase the Minipen by the container load.

We have two factories ready to start manufacturing to meet global demand fuelled by a rapid global increase in diabetes and global vaccination programmes.

We now require business finance to fund manufacturing contracts. Due to the COVID pandemic, it is far more challenging to obtain business funding and much easier to leverage existing networks. Recognising that we need help in this area, we are hiring five experienced consultants and entrepreneurs to help us secure the funding required to launch the Minipen range of products to market.


To secure a combination of equity (€100,000) investment funding and growth-stage business loans (€500-€1.5m) to start manufacturing.


We will pay you up to €60,000 EUR pro-rata (see table below) for this short commission-based assignment. If you are able to secure more than €1m in funding you will receive an additional bonus of $10,000 in company shares (Dec 2021 estimated value) providing €70,000 in total value for this contract.


Medtech Concept AB is looking for a team of five experienced independent consultants for a short-term contract to raise funds to launch our miniature medical device Minipen 2.

The ideal person will have worked on securing funding from investors and financiers for past projects.

The role is open to those already in full-time employment, contractors, part-time workers, those not currently working and anyone retired with a good business network.

This role is more about whom you know and not how many hours you are prepared to work, although hard work can also bring success.

Previous medical device knowledge is helpful although we will provide the consultant with support as needed.


You will be fully briefed on the company and given relevant Pitch Decks, Business Plans and investment prospectus material from our financial consulting firm in Sweden.

To obtain the full commission you need to secure funding from your source. A lower fee of 2% of the funds raised is paid for the provision of leads that result in successful funding.

You will probably have an existing network of investors, high net worth individuals and commercial organisations who invest in Medtech ventures.

Residency in Dubai can be offered to the candidate who secures the most funding. This offers the opportunity for a legal tax-free income, subject to applicable double taxation rules in your country.

Further work with the company can be expected as there will be ongoing funding needs as new products in our pipeline are brought to market.

This is a short-term one-month engagement that anyone with the relevant experience can apply for.

  • Commission only – It only pays if you are successful finding investment or growth funding.
  • Part-time work from home – It is up to you to decide how many hours you want to work.
  • This is objective-based and not a time-based contract.
  • Larger funding requests may take longer than a month, so contract duration will be extended to cover any active negotiations.
  • We have an ongoing need for funding, so if you can find a commercially viable funding solution, we can almost certainly make use of it.


To apply for this role, please email your CV to [email protected] with the subject Investment Consultant: + YOUR NAME by the DEADLINE of Friday the 5th Feb 2021 to be considered for this role.

If successful, you will be contacted to arrange an online Zoom interview.

Recruiters Only

Recruitment consultants are welcome to put forward candidates for this role and subtract a max 30% margin that can be deducted from the fees paid. We will offer the recruiter, who places a candidate who secures over €1m funding, €5,000 in company shares (Based upon the Dec 2021 company predicted valuation) as an extra incentive to work on this and future roles.

Please put forward a maximum of five CV’s for this role.

Early applicants may be offered roles prior to the 5th Feb deadline.  

Please send an email to [email protected]   for more information.