Medtech Concept Investment

Become an Investor in the World´s smallest Insulin Pen


Swedish & US seed-stage company Medtech Concept is looking for seed round funding of €1.5 million EUR to start manufacturing our flagship product Minpen2.

The company is currently valued at €10m (5th June 2021) and is expected to rise to a forecast €100m valuation within 12 months based upon pipeline sales and signed contracts.

Obtain 1% of the company for €100,000 Euros.

Up to €200k of founder shares area available at 20% discount.

Minimum Investment above €10,000, Maximum €12m (over 1 year).

Preferred stock is available at 8% interest (The company buys back after 1 year).

The Minipen2 hybrid syringe

  • Minipen 2 is three times smaller than existing pens & syringes.
  • No competitor at present
  • 80% approval rating with early users
  • Minipen 2 does not require refrigeration to prevent insulin degradation
  • Global PCT Patent in US LLC entity – PCT/US/25047
  • Suitable for Insulin, Cosmetic Procedures (filler, botox etc) and Paediatric Vaccinations
  • Multiple products in our R&D pipeline
  • US-based manufacturer with 30 years of medical product experience
  • We have over twenty distributors lined up with €33m in pipeline sales
  • We have two signed contracts worth over €3m
  • Many more contracts are ready to be signed after seed funding is complete
  • See the investor executive summary & pitch deck below for detail.


Swedish Medtech Concept AB, is a Seed Stage medical device company, looking for investors and loan providers to fund the launch of their patented miniature diabetes injection device Minipen 2. Our products will provide significant health improvements for millions of diabetics.

In an independent clinical trial, 80% said they would recommend the Minipen to other diabetics.

The contract manufacturer Darco International Corporation, a large syringe manufacturer with headquarters in Florida (US) is ready to start a production line for the Minipen 2.

We will position the Minipen 2 in the market as a high-quality lifestyle product from an ethical company that funds humanitarian projects through its Wellgreens Foundation.

Within five years, we aim to have captured 10% of the Insulin Syringe injection market in the Top 30 countries worth over USD $5b per annum.

Current Status

  • Design & Development of the Minipen 2 is complete
  • Minipen2 is now ready for production with our chosen contract manufacturer Darco Incorporated.
  • 3D printed prototype of the new Minipen 2 available
  • We have thousands of MiniPen 1 samples available for marketing purposes
  • We have signed contracts with distributors
  • We are discussing licensing & royalty deals with several organisations
  • We expect production quality samples to be available 6-8 weeks after funding
  • The sales target for our first year 1 is €23m (Conservative estimate)
  • We currently have €33m in pipeline sales
  • We have an experienced team of commissioned sales representatives


The company is currently valued at €10m (June 2021) and is expected to rise to a forecast €100m valuation within 12 months based upon pipeline sales and signed contracts.

We have new products in the R&D pipeline. Income has been excluded from our financial forecast, so they are expected to generate additional revenues from 2022. The current valuation is based upon receiving €1.5 Seed Round funding (Equity & Loans) in 2021.

Higher investment levels will allow us to generate additional sales, increasing the sales revenue above the current forecast. We are looking for creative ways to finance the company without exceeding the 10% equity level sale during the seed round. Preferred Stock and commercial loans are two such options.

We will revise our valuation on a monthly basis and whenever further sales contracts are signed and when we reach the Post Revenue milestone.

Investment Stages

Pre-Seed Round Complete
Twenty investors committed €0.5m pre-seed funding for research, design and development of the Minipen2.

Seed Round – Open Now
To support the manufacturing and distribution of Minipen 2 syringes and certifications. We are selling €1m in equity and loans of €1m targeting private investors, companies, foundations and institutional investors. Up to 10% of companies stock is available in the seed round.

Round A – Due Q1 2022
A further 15% of the companies stock will be available in Round A funding. This stock can be allocated to investors who wish to secure up to 25% during the seed funding round.


1. Investor One Page Overview

Please click on the link to view or click download to obtain our 1-page introduction PDF.

One Page Introduction Document

2. Investor Pitch Deck

For a detailed company overview and a financial summary, please click on the links below to view or download our Pitch Deck.

Contact Us

Please contact our CEO or Founder for further information.

Mark Christian

+356 79429302 (Mobile)
+44 208 1230964 (UK)

Email:[email protected]

Patrick Martinsson

Founder. R&D Director.

+46734939579 (Mobile)

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