Minipen 2

We are a manufacturer and distributor of the MiniPen2™ miniature pen/syringe from Medtech Concept that addresses the real-world needs of diabetics replacing large, cumbersome syringes and pens with a small convenient and modern design.

The MiniPen2™ incorporates a unique patented “prevention of reuse” safety feature.

Due to its low price, it will be available to a far wider audience than the current range of large and expensive auto-injectors and will transform the lives of millions of Diabetics.  

The MiniPen2™ offers diabetics an alternative to insulin pens, pumps  and syringes by providing a small, low cost and convenient solution that provides a noticeable improvement in quality of life.

The MiniPen2™ takes on the safety of a syringe to the next level.

Triple Holder

The new safety feature lock system prevent the use for more than one time only. After the syringe have been filled with insulin or fluid, the plunger will automatically lock into the barrel and prevent usage again. This will stop the spread of viruses and infections!

One days supply for a Type 1 Diabetic

Early adopters of the MiniPen2™ have noticed a  huge improvement in freedom and reduced impact upon their daily lives using the MiniPen2™.

Single Holder

The MiniPen2™ can now be ordered from SafeSyringe. Please contact us to obtain a quotation.

Product Technical Details

  • Available in different sizes from 10 to 100 unit.
  • Dose gradings on the the barrel  u40, u100, u200.
  • Needle length 4-24mm Thickness 29 – 32 gauge.
  • Packing in box with 100pcs.
  • Minimum order 100.000 boxes.
  • Areas of use: Insulin