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The Medtech Concept team specialise in syringes. We have been a manufacturer and supplier of syringes to distributors, resellers and customers for 10 years. We work with multiple manufacturers to produce our own specialist patented syringes and we also supply large volume low-cost syringes to bulk purchasers. We have relationships with factories in the US, China, Turkey, India, & Europe allowing us to negotiate volume deals from organisations we trust. We provide project management and logistics tracking services to clients for complex, short notice or large value orders.

We specialise in the sourcing and delivery of large and complex syringe orders. Our clients are typically looking for the lowest priced product on the market at an acceptable level of quality while ensuring delivery takes place on time to an agreed schedule. Our clients are looking for a reliable supplier who can eliminate the risks associated with placing orders direct to factories.

We project manage the end to end process from order to post-delivery, providing peace of mind, preventing problems and efficiently handling any issues. Our core team have delivered more than a billion pieces of medical equipment in 2021 alone.

Medtech Concept is ready to help you obtain the syringes you need.

Please give us a call to discuss your requirement or review the prices below and complete our customer requirements form.

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We have a factory inspector and an FDA/CE Certification specialist who will engage factories to monitor production and provide quality checks while organising the logistics and customs clearances.


We are a manufacturer and we also work with over 150 factories in China and Europe to source products to meet the needs of our clients.

A typical 1ml Insulin syringe with a fixed needle

Low Cost

We strive to achieve the lowest costs from reliable high-quality factories with a proven track record in the industry.

A typical 1ml Vaccine Syringe

Project Team

 The complexity of ordering syringes and the supply chain risk increased considerably in 2021. We advise clients to adopt a project management approach where risks are managed proactively to ensure a high quality delivery takes place on time. Our close personal relations with factories and knowledge of the industry will help you obtain the best deal possible without taking unnecessary risks.

The project team assigned to your order will ensure the following objectives are met:

  • Low Risk
  • Low Price
  • High-Quality
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Regular communications

Our project team is managed from Malta with team members in US, China, Egypt, Sweden, Australia. We will assign resources from this team to project manage the delivery of your order to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Client Manager (Subject to agreement with Client)
  • Project Manager (Mark Christian)
  • Syringe Specialist (Patrick Martinsson)
  • Shipment Tracking & Inquiries (Sabrina Khalil)
  • Certification Specialist (Australia & US)
  • Logistics & Factory Inspector (Tala Wang) – We inspect factories and their products

Delivery Management

Our team have over thirty years of experience in Delivery Management in Pharma and Medical Products. We manage the end to end procurement process and provide weekly progress updates to our clients, so they know their order is being managed by a professional team to ensure delivery on time. We provide this added value service at no extra charge to our clients.

Our first production line manufacturing Minipen 1 in 2012


Outbidding – “Gazumping” is huge problem at present. This is where factories take new orders at higher prices bumping delivery dates or cancelling orders on less profitable existing deals. We ensure that your order is not delayed by maintaining strong relationships, legal contracts with penalty clauses and we provide onsite progress tracking in most cases.

Factory Supply – Most factories are at full capacity until Q4 2021. Orders that are large or short notice carry risk.

Certifications – Sometimes there are issues with certifications that delay or prevent importation of products. We have our own certification experts who check the required certification paperwork is valid and current. Some factories are known to claim certifications that don’t exist in order to win orders.

Rising Costs – In 2021 fuelled by the demand for Vaccine syringes, prices increased significantly. Factory output prices have increased by 2-3x in the last six months and they are expected to rise further due to a combination of the following:

  1. Increasing raw material costs
  2. Lower Supply – Some factories have reduced Insulin syringe production by 80% diverting manufacturing capacity to vaccine syringe production
  3. Advanced orders from clients wishing to avoid supply problems (increasing demand)
  4. Vaccine manufacturers are planning a “fall booster shot” to include new strains of COVID-19 which will increase syringe demand and push up prices.
  5. Profiteering by the factories due to the Vaccine syringe demand
  6. New Capacity delayed (Typically it takes 1 year to start a new production line)
  7. Increased shipping costs (Up by 500% for some sea routes)
Plastic Raw Material Prices (12 months)

To bring on new capacity requires plastic injection moulds to be fabricated. The mould makers are at full capacity quoting 9+ months lead times, so there is unlikely to be a great deal of new capacity coming on stream within 12 months.

Factories are re-purposing their Insulin production lines to meet Vaccine syringe orders, which is reducing the Insulin syringe supply and driving up the cost in line with and sometimes ahead of vaccine syringe prices.

The combination of  increased raw material prices, increased demand, reducing insulin syringe supply, the inability to start new production lines and increasing need for vaccination syringes will continue to drive up insulin syringe prices.

We work with the clients to lock in a price for larger orders or we can obtain “Spot Pricing” on a monthly basis.

Medtech Concept are ready to help you obtain the syringes you need. Please give us a call.

Please contact us for further information.

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