Research & Development

Medtech Concept is actively researching new innovative ways to address diabetes challenges. Our target is to spend 25% of our income after expenses on R&D while seeking investment, grants and charitable donations from foundations to further our R&D efforts.


In 2020 we set-up the Wellgreens foundation in Sweden that will attract charitable donations to support diabetes-related programmes including research & development.

We have a portfolio of projects at various stages that need your help to bring to market:

Concept Stage

– Pre-diabetes online assessment test

– Enhanced miniaturized insulin delivery systems

– Diabetes Management System portal & mobile app

– Wearable Monitoring and Alerting device

Design Stage

– Adapting Minipen for other injectables

– Miniature Autoinjector pen (smartpen)

Prototyping Stage

– Recycling & Risk waste container (for sharps)

– Mobile Application with AI analytics and recommendations

Patent Registration Stage

– Emergency Insulin Release Valve