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Background Information

Over the years vaccines have helped people live longer yet they have also caused death, cancer, chronic illness, autoimmune disease and serious life altering health issues for many people. Medtech Concept believe that everyone offered a vaccine should be given the full facts, with nothing hidden, so they can make their own informed consent decision knowing the potential benefits and risks associated with a vaccine.

We will provide our customer with clinical data, statistics regarding efficacy and adverse reactions that have been reported. We will provide independent laboratory analysis of the contents and compare it with the manufacturers documentations (IFU) to show any unreported contents that could cause adverse reactions.

We strive to ensure that all the risks are fully understood to avoid any accusations of malfeasance (withholding material facts from the buyer) which is a criminal act under most countries legal systems.

We will take steps provide additional quality assurance from independent laboratories and acknowledge mistakes have been made in the past leading to vaccine hesitancy.

There has been much interest from vaccine hesitant customers who do not trust western pharmaceutical companies as they believe Sputnik V may be a safer alternative.

Questions we have received from customer’s considering taking Sputnik V follow.

Questions & Answers

How can I obtain Sputnik V ?

  • Over 40 countries have approved the use of this vaccine.
  • Please see below if this vaccine has been approved in your country
  • For trade purchases, please see guidance on importation into your country

Has Sputnik V completed its clinical trials ?

  • All COVID-19 vaccines including Sputnik V are still undergoing clinical trials for another year or more.
  • The completion date and details of the Sputnik V vaccine trial will be provided to buyers.
  • We advise buyers that it is important to inform the public This vaccine has not completed human clinical trials to avoid any legal repercussions under malfeasance law. Refer to HPV Vaccine legal actions in US & Ireland for examples of where courts are awarding for the plaintiff under malfeasance law. You have a moral and legal duty to keep the public informed that this is an experimental vaccine that has not completed its clinical trial.

Is Sputnik V an MRNA DNA altering vaccine ?

  • Sputnik V is not an MRNA vaccine so it will not alter your DNA. You will not be genetically modified for life
  • The MRNA vaccines are entirely new and insufficient data is available as to their long term side effects which can take years to become evident. We do not advise anyone to take an entirely new un-tested therapeutic.

Has this vaccine caused any serious adverse reactions ?

  • The majority of vaccines can cause serious adverse reactions shortly after they have been taken for a minority of patients (typically from several hours to 5 days).
  • Some COVID-19 vaccine brands caused adverse reactions in up to 20% of patients on the initial human clinical trials, so this question is perfectly understandable.
  • We will make adverse reaction data available as soon as it is known.

How can I find out the number of adverse reactions reported after taking this vaccine ?

  • We will provide this data to buyers and the links to countries who publish adverse reaction data.
  • We recognise that this data is often withheld from the public yet we do not agree with this practice as it removes informed consent and causes the public to mis-trust government

It is a historical fact that some vaccines have been laced with fertility altering drugs. Does this vaccine affect male or female fertility ?

  • We are aware that Whistle-blowers at GSK have stated that fertility altering drugs are included in their vaccines.
  • We know Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) was included in some batches of the Tetanus vaccine sent to Kenya by Unicef supported by Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
  • We have seen Bill Gates is on record stating “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.”
  • We understand that people now see vaccines as a tool to reduce the world population through reduced fertility and reduced lifespan from chronic illness (that result in lifetime profits for pharmaceutical companies)
  • We recognise that in some countries such as France, up to 50% of the population surveyed have rejected taking a COVID-19 vaccine
  • Medtech Concept understand vaccine hesitancy and we fully understand why people do not trust vaccine manufacturers as a result of their past actions.
  • We advise buyers to arrange independent testing to conform that Sputnik V does not contain any fertility altering biologics like HCG.
  • Only a local in country laboratory test can provide the assurances people require.
  • We take the view that those who are hesitant to take vaccines will prefer the Sputnik v vaccine as the least risk option (There is not such thing as a vaccine without risks).

5. How do we know that this batch and consignment is safe from toxic chemicals ?

It is known that manufacturing problems caused toxic substances to be released into HPV vaccines that resulted in many deaths and thousands of adverse reactions in young people aged 13-20.

  • Medtech Concept will provide any independent laboratory test results to the buyer as evidence that this consignment is free from harmful toxic substances

6. Does this vaccine contain the DNA from aborted human Foetuses ?

  • We have yet to determine this however the majority of vaccines use cell lines to grow the vaccine taken from human foetuses, so its likely this will too.

7. Does this vaccine contain Mercury also known as Thermoseal ?

  • We are awaiting the results of clinical laboratory testing to confirm that it is free from Mercury

8. Does this vaccine contain other heavy metals like Aluminium that can alter a persons IQ and cause neurological problems ?

  • We are awaiting the results of clinical laboratory testing to confirm that it is free from Mercury