Syringe News

Medtech Concept AB is a Swedish/US manufacturer of syringes with 10 years’ experience known for the Insulution & Ipsomed Daily Dose and Minipen brands. We also provide vaccination syringes as a manufacturer & consolidator and work with a network of distributors globally.

What are the latest trends ?

In recent weeks, we have been asked by many clients to provide FDA & CE Certified 1ml Luer Lock safety syringes from outside China.

Why is the Safety Syringe so expensive outside of China ?

It may come as a surprise but there are very few factories outside China making Luer Lock safety syringes. When we contacted factories that do, we found most were back-ordered until September, lacked FDA Certification or did not offer safety needles.

Can we buy Luer Lock Safety syringes outside China ?

Our team of syringe sourcing experts have managed to find 1ml Luer Lock syringes from factories in India, Germany, Vietnam. We only found one manufacturer outside of China who can supply FDA/CE Certified 1ml Luer Lock syringes with safety needles. Demand for this product type is high and they expect to run out of stock allocations soon, so we urge buyers to move fast to secure this stock. We understand from a reliable source that the current price of these syringes on the ground in the US has exceeded 30 cents per piece and this is likely to increase as stock availability is drying up.


The table below shows our prices that we can offer directly to buyers.

Table 1 – International Pricing of 1ml  Luer Lock Syringe & Needles

Needle TypeStandard NeedlesStandard NeedlesSafety Needle
CertificationCEFDA & CE FDA & CE
India 13
Germany  11
All prices in $USD cents per piece – FOB Terms

We are happy to guide clients on how to obtain the best price when sourcing syringes by optimising their requirement specification to acquire products at the desired price/quality level. We have a great knowledge of the market and maintain stock availability across 15 factories where we are a consolidator. Please note that prices and availability change daily and these allocations need to be re-confirmed as they sell out fast.

What are we doing to reduce the cost of syringes ?

Medtech Concept is part of a joint venture to build four factories (two in Africa, Turkey & the US) which will start production of low-cost syringes towards the end of 2021.  The JV is negotiating with the World Health Organisation and other large buyers who have expressed an interest.  Clients who purchase syringes from us this month will be given a 10% discount today if they sign and LOI agreement to purchase from us in 2022.

How to obtain a 50% Discount on your 2022 syringe orders.

For the month of May, we are offering buyers a 10% discount on orders they place today and a 50% discount on 2022 orders placed with our Joint Venture business in 2022. To obtain this discount, a client needs to send an order for syringes in May 2021 and a letter of intent (LOI) stating their intention to purchase syringe orders (subject to contract) from Medtech Concept in 2022.

A selection of available syringes.