Syringe Procurement

Process Overview

We operate a four-stage process to streamline purchasing & minimise risk for our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

  1. Estimate Stage
  2. Requirements Stage
  3. Quotation Stage
  4. Purchase Stage

1. Estimate Stage

We publish a list of recent prices on the following web page. These deals are indicative of the current prices only and therefore are a rough estimate. All prices are FOB shipment terms, other methods of shipment can be priced on request but will incur additional costs.

Click on this Link for prices

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The prices of syringes changes on daily basis and each deal will be priced differently based upon the specific requirements of the deal and availability. The prices shown are indicative of the recent deals we have negotiated and will allow the customer to determine if we are price competitive.

If you like our service & prices, we can proceed to the Requirements Capture stage in order to document your specific needs and build a working relationship with the buyer.

As a rule, we capture requirements from the buyer and not via introducers, brokers or distributors. Introducers are welcome to engage us, however, we only provide quotes after we have discussed requirements with the buyer. We do not circumvent introducers who are welcome to attend the meetings we arrange. We are transparent and open and like to keep all parties informed.

2. Requirements Stage

Before we provide a quotation, we ask the introducer or buyer to setup a Whataspp Group and organise a short Zoom meeting with the buyer after they have completed our requirements form to establish the Buyers needs. We will refine the requirements and determine the degree of flexibility in key areas during the Zoom call. The degree of flexibility is often the deal-clincher. If the buyer is not interested in clarification of their requirements in a meeting we can’t help them so this step is non-negotiable. To produce a quotation we need to know PRECISELY what the customer needs and not a vague one-line statement of requirements (which is often the case).

The zoom call also establishes trust between the buyer and the seller, so this is an important first step. We will get to know the buyer and their needs and it will help build a strong ongoing relationship. We are looking for long term relationships with our clients. If you are an introducer, and not willing to arrange a meeting with the buyer, there is no point engaging Medtech Concept as we have found a hands-off unsuccessful.

The key requirements to capture are as follows:

Product Requirements

#Syringe FeatureGuidance Notes
1Syringe TypeVaccine, Insulin, other
2Size (ml)fill volume in ml – 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0ml etc
3Needle Gaugei.e 23,25,28,31,32 etc
4Needle TypeLeur Lock / Leur Slip / Fixed / other
5SafetyYes, No – If yes specify type
6Needle LengthSpecify length in mm or Inches
7SafetyYes, No – if Yes please specify type –
a) Autodestruct b)
8Low Dead VolumeYes, No, Either
9Sterilisation MethodEO Gas etc
10QuantityNumber of Pieces
11Latest Date RequiredPart Shipment, by Container or monthly?
12UrgencyAir Freight Part Order ?
State which features ar flexible vs Must Have
MC101 – Medtech Concept Customer Product Requirements Form


  1. Payment Terms (TT 50%, TT 40%, Demand Guarantee, Letter of credit etc
  2. Logistics (FOB or other ; Sea, Land or Air)
  3. Country of Manufacture Limitations (State if any countries are off-limits)
  4. Chain (We need to establish who the buyer is and how many intermediaries there are in the chain.
  5. Fees – Confirm if any Intermediary fees are required
  6. Exclusivity – Confirm Status
  7. Competitive pricing – Confirm existing offers and any expectations or limits.
  8. Destination Countries (Specify countries)
  9. Certifications Needs ( FDA, ISO, CE etc)
  10. Communications (We prefer real-time comms, Email is too slow and only used for contracts. Whatsapp, Wechat or Telegram supported)

3. Quotation Stage

Once the requirements are understood, we will confirm that we can source the requirement. If expectations are unrealistic, we will look at options and determine flexibility to accommodate the customer’s needs. We will ask the buyer if they are the decision-maker and if not, we will need to be introduced to the decision-makers before providing the quotation. We pay a lot of attention to establishing strong client relationships and avoid working on deals that are not from genuine buyers.

We will need to determine if the client is ready to accept an offer and can make an immediate purchase decision in less than 2 days. If they are not ready to make a purchase decision, we will suggest delaying a quotation until they are ready, as there is little point in providing a price that they are not ready to act upon.

In the event that the buyer is serious about purchasing we will contact our partner factories to obtain FIRM quotations  (prices and availability changes daily). To maintain good relations with factories, we do due diligence on the buyer and confirm they have funding available to purchase, to avoid wasting the factories time when they are already busy (Time is money right ?)

Once we have the best price available for you we will obtain a 2 working day hold on the price quoted to allow the client to make a decision and organise payment.

4. Purchase Stage

We typically ask the client to make a payment on day one so that cleared funds arrive on Day two.

In the event that funds arrive after the 2 days (48 hours) the factory may release capacity to another client. If a funding delay prevents the factory from completing the deal as quoted, we will arrange for an alternative supplier to provide the additional volume.